My past

Let me introduce myself: I am Algirdas. Some years ago I familiarized with this woman, I loved her right away, she made me feel young again. We would have long conversations, great times spent together. However she did not love me (I was just a good friend of her).

I did my best: bought flowers, gifts, but to no avail. I was so disappointed, and when seeming there was nothing else left, I met a parapsychotherapeutist by accident. We soon found common language, I saw many people visiting her with various disabilities or just to have telling fortunes. This job seemed so mysterious and incredible for me. Then, having spare time, I decided to learn something from her, guided by curiosity.

She overloaded me with old books, about mythology, talismans, amulets and what not (they are all very exciting), explained unclear issues. But there is still much work to do even now. I am reading books the books, and I am going to share my journey with you.

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